e-FILING/FILING & e-PAYMENT/PAYMENT for 1702Q/2550Q and other Quarterly Payments is/are due on the deadline set by the BIR. There is no extension even if EFPS filer.

In the case of quarter ending September 30, 2019 (calendar year) 1702 RT, MX & EX by Corporations, Partnerships and Other Non-Individual Taxpayer together w/ the required applicable attachments E-Payment for 1702Q should be paid on November 29, 2019.

Once you are able to file via eFPS, it is important that you ask your clients to Approve/Authorize Payment (Gov’t Payment) on the date of deadline. There is No extension even if EFPS.

On the one hand, there is a chance that penalties will also not be charged if there is a system error in eFPS, or it is down.  Usually, there shall be an immediate BIR Advisory confirming that the system is down.

Please take note that for Monthly Withholding Tax and Monthly VAT, there is/are additional 1 – 5 number of days for EFPS filing depending on the group taxpayers belong.

Today, November 30, 2019, one of our clients was able to pay because the BPI system is available only from 8am to 7pm (may be different in the case of other banks).  He was not able to pay last night (Nov. 29) before midnight. Pls TAKE NOTE of this timing window.

I think [just an assumption] the BIR uses the taxpayer’s filing date which is correct-Nov 29. Since he is able to access and pay w/o penalties on Nov 30.  Most likely the filing instruction was seen by BIR system as still valid/not expired.  Also, I think there is a gap between the eFPS system and the BIR depository bank’s system. In the middle is the BPI’s system.  This is just an assumption as this happened also to our other client wherein there is a clearing date delay; so, he was not able to pay on time as funds are not yet available on the night of deadline. But immediately the next day, funds get automatically cleared and ePayment proceeded without penalties-ePayment happened on a Saturday early morning.

That gap is the window specially if Saturday, Sunday or holiday. Most likely, those systems do not automatically (in seconds) reconcile, I assume.  It is good that the taxpayer/client was able to e-pay without penalties. But, pls ask them to pay on deadline if Quarterly/Annual. Only Monthly WHT/VAT, etc.  have 1 to 5 days extra days if EFPS.

We do not know when will the BIR take action on these instances.  It is better to be ready than sorry.

Best is to target/finish work ~5 working days earlier and avoid filing on the deadline.


Author:  Raymund J. Manaig, CPA MBA



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