We are a group of prudent and trustworthy public accounting practitioners with the advocacy of creating the best value for our clients in rendering assurance & non-assurance services which includes external audits and consultancy. We envision our company to improve leadership as a medium-sized accounting & auditing firm within CALABARZON areas from year 2017 onwards, while catering also services to Makati, Manila and far flung provinces using Cloud Accounting, Tax, & Auditing tools to become best in class in these fields.

1. Increase by March 2018 the total number of audit clients by 150% from audit year 2016.
2. Increase by November 2017 the number of accountants & auditors by 50% from year 2016.
3. Be promoted as a Xero Platinum Partner by end of year 2019.
4. Increase skills of CPA staffs by an average of 30 CPD units earned every year starting 4th quarter of 2017. Another average of 40 CPD units earned by end of year 2018.
5. Increase by 30% international experience by mid 2018 based from 2016 records.

Improve work distribution 
1. Restructuring the company into the following Teams: Xero Accounting, Tax Accounting, and Special Engagements. All Accountants/Auditors shall still be involved in External Audits while maintaining professional independence.
2. Start Interim Audits of Business Entities by November 2017.
3. Conduct a total of 3 CPD Seminars – Competence A within 2017; and a total of 12 seminars within 2018.
4. Partner with CPA firms abroad for any possible outsourcing of Bookkeeping and other non-assurance services.

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