Register Software or Web Development Company in the Philippines

Outsourcing software development, web development, and IT operations to the Philippines from North America, Asia, and Northern Europe is becoming more and more common. The Philippine government encourages export-related foreign investment in the Philippines through various fiscal and non-fiscal incentives. There are various options to look into when registering a software or web development and IT outsourcing company. Some of these incorporation options with the Philippines Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) may also include incentives from the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) or the Board of Investments (BOI).

MM&CO. assists in the decision in choosing the business enterprise and corporate structure for software development, web development, and IT outsourcing office company in the Philippines. MM&CO. also presents certain Philippine tax incentives your company may avail of and assists in registration with the appropriate government agencies, whether it be PEZA or BOI.

If the software or web development company is exporting more than 60% of its services, it can be fully foreign-owned.


Types of IT-BPO Companies to Register in the Philippines

  • Branch Office
  • Regional Operating Headquarters
  • Representative Office
  • 60/40 Domestic Corporation
  • Fully Foreign-Owned Domestic Corporation