Product Importation and Registration in the Philippines

Businesses involved in the importation, exportation, trading, and distribution of food, drinks, drugs, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, or medical devices in the Philippines need to obtain a license to operate (LTO) and a certificate of product registration (CPR) from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In preparation for your company’s product market entry, our company can assist you with obtaining the proper licensing and ensuring legal compliance for importation, exportation, and distribution of the product in and out of the Philippines.


MM&CO. will perform the following:

  • Register company with SEC (Branch, Subsidiary, Domestic Corporation)
  • Obtain a License to Operate (LTO)
  • Obtain a Certificate of Registration from FDA
  • Introductions to national distribution, warehouse, and logistics companies
  • Introductions to national retail chain outlets and stores


Registering a Product

When registering a product in the Philippines, the local company must secure a License to Operate (LTO) from FDA before applying for product registration. All issuances and guidelines, checklists of requirements, and forms pertaining to licensing of establishments and product registration may be obtained through MM&CO.


Products required to apply for a License with FDA

MM&CO. will handle the FDA registration of processed foods, pharmaceutical drugs, medical devices, in vitro diagnostic reagents, cosmetics, and household hazardous substance products which will be imported or exported to and from the Philippines.


Establishments Required to Apply for a License to Operate (LTO) with FDA

Establishments involved in the manufacturing, packaging, re-packaging, importation, exportation, distribution, and retailing of processed foods, drugs, medical devices, in vitro diagnostic reagents, cosmetics, and household hazardous substance products must secure a License to Operate from FDA.


Classification of Product and Laboratory Product Testing

MM&CO. works with its clients to appropriately classify the product to be licensed, imported, exported, and distributed throughout the Philippines. We can access laboratories recognized by FDA that can perform the required types of analysis, which need to be undertaken prior to submitting your product’s application to the FDA.


Product Logistics, Warehousing, & Distribution

MM&CO. works directly with logistics companies in the Philippines so its clients can get their products into warehousing locations and distribute throughout the country directly after importation. MM&CO. will assist in forging relationships with Philippines national logistic companies whether warehousing and/or distribution.