Register Medical Transcription Company in the Philippines

Medical Transcription (MT) is an allied health profession, transcribing or converting voice-recorded patient data dictated by a Physician/Healthcare Professionals, into text or written report. U.S. hospitals/clinics have been outsourcing services to the Philippines for many years due to the quality of work at a lesser cost.

This rising industry continues to promote the Philippines as the number one destination for Business Process Outsourcing with the government supporting the industry through policies and incentives such as:


Incentives for Medical Transcription Companies

  • PEZA
  • BOI


Types of Medical Transcription Companies to Register in the Philippines

  • Branch Office
  • 60/40 Domestic Corporation
  • 100% Foreign-Owned Domestic Corporation
  • ROHQ


The Philippine labor workforce is comprised of young professionals in their mid-20’s, proficient in the English language, with good listening skills, and with background on medical or health care. However, intensive training has now opened opportunities for individuals outside of the medical/healthcare profession to acquire the knowledge needed to succeed in the MT industry.