Register Legal Transcription Company in the Philippines

Legal Transcription is defined as converting voice-recorded or spoken legal data into text or written reports. Information to be transcribed may include pleadings or the minutes of administrative proceedings. Outsourcing Legal Transcription tasks have proven to be very beneficial to lawyers, law firms, and insurance firms due to the considerable cost savings. In the Philippines, employing individuals having legal backgrounds to engage in this type of activity is the norm, with the typical individual having majored in either Political Science, Pre-Law, or Law.

Companies seeking to reduce operational costs particularly in their legal department outsource their legal work to Legal Process Outsourcing companies (LPO) which can easily provide the legal services.


Scope of Work of Legal Transcription

  • Data entry/legal coding
  • Documenting information regarding the lawsuit
  • Legal research
  • Immigration Services
  • Drafting of legal documents
  • Court Reporting
  • Transcribing dictated information from hearings, meetings, client interviews, depositions
  • Litigation
  • Due Diligence


Types of Legal Transcription Companies to Register in the Philippines

  • Branch Office
  • 40/60 Domestic Corporation
  • 100% Foreign-Owned Domestic Corporation
  • ROHQ

Incentives for Legal Transcription Companies

  • BOI
  • PEZA


MM&Co. will assist you in determining the best investment vehicle for you and any tax incentives that may be available to you.