P224 Non-CPD

If you need a certificate (Non-CPD), we can send you the link to the certificate ready for your printing.

Day 1 Outline:
  1. Brief History of MS Excel
  2. Review of basic functions and features – (copy, paste, cut) with shortcuts.
  3. General and Advanced Excel Options – specifying default settings for toolbars, font sizes, color schemes
  4. Advanced Formulas and Functions – (string, date, numerical, look-up and logical functions)
  5. Resolving Formula Errors (common errors and troubleshooting; eg. #N/A, #VALUE!, etc.)
Day 2 Outline:
  1. Data Handling and Analysis (using data validation, pivot table, sort, filter, conditional formatting)
  2. Data Outlining and Grouping (using group/ungroup function, split and freeze panes)
  3. Creating reports (data entry forms, charting)
  4. Sharing and protecting workbooks (password enable files or sections of a workbook)
  1. To equip participants on the basic and advanced features and functionalities of MS Excel;
  2. To know how excel features and functionalities can be of help in doing analyses and reports.
  3. To help participants appreciate the importance of data security and accuracy in preparing spreadsheets.
  4. To apply all these learnings in various cases and problems at work.
  1. Exploring General and Advanced Excel Options/ Settings
  2. Revisiting Basic functions and Features of Excel
  3. Learning Advanced Formulas and Functions
  4. Resolving Formula Errors
  5. Data Management and Analyses
  6. Data Outlining and Grouping
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