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Welcome to MM&Co. and LCRC e-Learning. We invite you to try our Self-Pace CPA Review Lectures. All handouts are downloadable and ready to be printed from your end. You can watch videos/recordings with handouts at the side that are downloadable, 11,500+ test banks, 7,500+ quizzers and 5 sets of pre-boards. We also announce ahead and conduct Live Webinars for any updates on specific subjects to align with the syllabus.
Target Audience are: CPA Practitioners, CPA candidates, bookkeepers, tax agents, BS Accountancy students and business owners.
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Sample CPA Review Classes and Seminars

CPA Review Classes

Imagine to take the review at the comfort of your homes or while travelling. In fact, you can enroll and physically attend the lectures in your respective choice of review centers, and as an additional resource while on the road or while cleaning the house or even the dishes, view the lectures or listen to the speakers which can give you a good recall of what have been discussed.

View them using your laptops/cpus or via your Smart Phones.


Financial Accounting and Reporting

Auditing Problems

Auditing Problems


Earn your CPD units without having to go to the lecture venue.

Keep sharp on topics of your choice by viewing or listening to the lectures while on the road or while doing household chores. Online learning is a very effective and fast way to learn. You can educate yourself and be abreast with technical subjects during idle hours.

Tax Amnesty

A comprehesive seminar on TRAIN 2 (Trabaho Bill) Plus a review and and further dialogue to clarify the recently issued implementing rules and regulations on the availment of TAX AMNESTY ON DELINQUENCY & ESTATE TAX AMNESTY.

Tax Remedies

A comprehensive seminar to equip participants on the legal tax remedies for certain tax cases.

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This is a self-paced review program. You may access any video/topic per subject which you prefer based on your self-assessment. But, once enrolled, we can send you a proposed review strategy.
Much of the pre-recorded Actual CPA review lectures way back from 2018 to 2024, until today, are ZERO BASED--total of 900+ Hours of lectures. But the pre-recorded webinars are more of zero-based to advanced; the more current ones are more of advanced already especially the Live lectures this 2024.
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